Legal Steroids

Have you ever wondered how some men and women could get ripped and chiseled bodies while the rest of us struggle even to get rid of our bulging bellies? Well, I was, so I decided to do a little digging.

After reading what felt like a whole load of crap, I came across an article on models, actors and actresses taking steroids to get ripped, stay slim, and gain muscle. Some of what I read mentioned that these guys use banned steroids they get off the books while others suggested that the legal steroids they use provide the same benefits for these men and women.

So, I decided to find out myself whether legal steroids were worth the hype or were they just like all the other bodybuilding and fat burning gimmicks that will be popular for all of two seconds before becoming a bad memory. Remember swing walkers!!

Here are a few questions I had (and you probably have them too!) about legal steroids that I needed to talk to experts for the right answers:

What Are Legal Steroids?

After being introduced to the subject of legal steroids, I had to get my mind over the fact that these guys need to include the term ‘legal’ in the ‘legal steroid’ used. But after realizing what makes these products tick, I was okay with the distinction.

Well, as the name suggests, these products (most often pills) are 100% legal to be sold and bought across the world. However, while they are called steroids, they are technically not, because they don’t use artificially created hormones to do their jobs.

Instead, legal steroids are named so because they provide anabolic steroid-like bodybuilding results while using only natural and organic ingredients. This is also the reason we can legally buy them without the cops banging down our door for drug possession.

However, if we got down to it, all Legal Steroids are Bodybuilding Supplements that produce similar results to their anabolic steroid alternative.

What Are The Differences Between Legal And Anabolic Steroids?

Before learning of legal steroids, the only steroids I was aware of where anabolic-androgynous steroids that uses different concoctions of artificially produced hormones to give bigger muscles and shed fat faster. I was also under the impression that anabolic steroids were dangerous and could cause my testicles to shrink.

Well, my investigation did confirm that taking anabolic steroids can shrink my nuts and is one of the big reasons many people are switching to legal steroids.

Legal steroids, as I mentioned before, are legal and can be officially purchased without any problems. They can also be used in bodybuilding competitions as they don’t artificially manipulate our hormone levels to give us superhuman strength.

Overall, what I learned of legal steroids indicates that you will get the same benefits regarding bodybuilding and fat loss as the banned steroids, just without the side effects of the anabolics.

While this seems to be too good to be true, there is a drawback of legal steroids that no one talks about. This disadvantage is that the speed at which you gain the benefits with legal steroids are not as fast as with anabolic steroids.

According to some accounts, taking anabolic steroids can turn you from skinny Sean into buff Brad in just a week or two. However, with legal steroids, this process will probably take a lot longer, like a few months of hard work, exercises and a good diet.

However, I am okay with getting slightly slower gains, so long as I can have children later in life.

Well, Do They Actually Work?

Yes, definitely!!

My dive into the world of legal steroids has exposed me to many men and women who do use these legal steroids on a daily basis with most of them stating that they do experience the benefits that were advertised.

While some have mentioned that the muscle growth or fat burn is not instantaneous like with anabolics, the products do work. It’s always a good thing to known that other people have tried and seen benefits from a particular product before trying it out yourself, right?

My assessment on legal steroids is that they work, and they work well. I even feel that they work better than the run-of-the-mill bodybuilding supplements because of the superior ingredients and the specially designed formulas that give steroid-like results.

So, Do People Actually Use Legal Steroids?

Yes, as I just mentioned, people do use legal steroids to gain muscle, lose weight, and get ripped. Check online, and you will find thousands of men and women with pics, videos, and testimonials of how legal steroids enhanced their physiques.

When I took a look at some of these pictures, especially the before and after photos, I was honestly blown away.

I had seen some fat burn benefits when I tried some normal fat burners but the results these guys had going for them were on a whole new level when compared to me.

So, after some serious consideration, I had decided to give legal steroids a go myself. And if you don’t have any health problems or have any other reason stopping you from using legal steroids, I strongly suggest you make the switch today!

As for which legal steroids you should get, it’s up to you. However, do pick the right legal steroid for the right purpose (weight loss, muscle volume, or strength gain) and read the reviews of the product you are considering to buy before making the purchase.

Any product you are considering, someone has already tried before. So, use these user testimonials to your advantage and find out if the legal steroid works and gives the benefits you want before you drop your coin yourself.

I Heard These Legal Steroids Are Without Side Effects. Is This True?

Believe me when I say that Yes, these legal steroids don’t cause any side effects for those who use them to get ripped, lean and sexy. When I heard this, I found it difficult to believe as we have always associated the term ‘steroid’ with ‘dangerous’ and ‘side effects.’

However, my chat with some professionals helped me understand that the reason these products are side-effect free is that of the organic and natural ingredients used.

Apparently, the experts who formulate these legal steroids use natural herbs and spices to stimulate the same benefits as the particular anabolic steroid.

Will I Still Need To Cycle These Legal Steroid Pills?

If you have been taking anabolic steroids and are considering legal steroids as a switch, you may be wondering if legal steroids require you to cycle.

And for those of you who are unaware of what a cycle is, this is a period of time (usually a month) where the user takes the anabolic steroid as part of the ‘on’ cycle. This is followed with the ‘off’ cycle where the user stops using the steroid so that the body can stabilize the hormones to normal levels.

From the information I could gather, you should have no reason to cycle legal steroids and there is no hormone imbalance to normalize after using the product for a while. You can even use legal steroids everyday without worrying about side effects or hormone imbalance.

However, some people do still choose to cycle legal steroids as this can help them consolidate their gains while giving their bodies some time to rest, recuperate and recover.

How Do Legal Steroids Work?

Since we have established that legal steroids use natural ingredients to produce steroid-like benefits, let’s take a brief look at how they work.

Like with anabolic steroids, legal steroids also defer depending on what your end-goal is. So, if I were looking to get shredded and improve my muscle definition, I would use a different legal steroid to one that will help me gain muscle mass and bulk up.

But regardless of which legal steroid you consider, they all work by stimulating the body’s potential to promote faster bodybuilding without putting additional strain on the body. They work to maximize your workouts and give you the most amount of benefits for the exercises you do.

What Can Legal Steroids Do For Me?

When I started my bodybuilding journey at my local gym, I was a 22-year-old overweight man with two giant sausages for arms and a severe inferiority complex. Fortunately, I am a long way from my old me with a healthy weight, and a high muscle-to-fat ratio to boast around and the reason I was able to achieve this is due to intense exercises and working out day in day out.

But all was not smooth sailing for me, as with anyone who is starting out with bodybuilding.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you pick up on bodybuilding and couple it with the right legal steroids:

  • Work towards your ideal physique (lean, muscular, trim, chiseled, fit, or just healthy)
  • Get sexy six-pack abs without looking malnourished
  • Improve your own body image and pump yourself up
  • Grow your own confidence, self-esteem, and determination to succeed
  • Increase strength and other bodybuilding attributes faster than before
  • Speed up your recovery and eliminate the pesky fatigue that builds up in the muscles
  • Be the man/woman who is envied for his/her killer body

What Is The Best Way To Get These Legal Steroids?

After exploring the world of legal steroids, I was finally sold on the idea but wasn’t sure as to where I should get my first legal steroid.

Searching online and in my local stores had me very confused and split with the decision-making. Fortunately, my trainer suggested that I start by doing a little research into the products that interest me to research and review them. I did just this and found there were others who have also provided their thoughts and ideas on what makes one legal steroid better than the other.

So, after finding some direction, I started this site to publish my legal steroid reviews that will be my unbiased, uncensored and unfiltered thoughts on what I think about each one. While it isn’t physically feasible to try them all out myself, I will be getting help from others who have tried the products themselves. I will also perform in-depth research into the legal steroids to find out the ins and outs for each before bringing you accurate and helpful reviews.

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