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DAA Max: Testosterone Booster By Vital Labs

DAA Max by Vital Labs claims to be the top testo booster on the market. I’ve been evaluating bodybuilding supplements and legal steroids, and I know this is a bold claim to make.

This is why I plan to do a detailed review of this testosterone booster. This article will evaluate the product and see if it lives up to its bold claims.


But you can skip to the end to know my evaluation of this test supplement.

What Is DAA Max?

DAA Max is a supplement that is designed to boost the natural production of testosterone. It makes use of a well-known hormone boosting ingredient called D-aspartic acid (DAA).

This ingredient provides your body with the ability to boost T-levels, improving physical performance and sexual health. But since it activates the production of testosterone in the testes, it only works for men.

The Only Ingredient: DAA

D-aspartic acid is the form of Aspartic acid that works to boost the natural production of testosterone in the testes.

Here are a few studies I found online that support the testosterone boosting claims of DAA:

Study 1:

A 2000 publication in The FASEB Journal assessed the effects of D-aspartic acid on luteinizing hormone and growth hormone secretion. The in vivo experimentation found that this ingredient positively affected GH and luteinizing hormone release.

The LH (Luteinizing hormone) boost here signals the testicles to produce more testosterone.

Study 2:

A 2007 study in Brain Research Reviews discussed the neuroendocrine role of D-aspartic acid. This research found that it stimulated the pituitary gland to produce GH, LH, and PRL (prolactin).

DAA is also found in Leydig cells which help with testosterone and progesterone secretion in the testes.

Study 3:

A 1996 research paper in Life Sciences discusses the influence of D-aspartic acid on the testosterone production in rat testes. The researchers found that D-aspartic acid accumulated in the testes by four times the basal values in just five hours. In the same period, there was a 12 fold accumulation in the pituitary gland. Similarly, testosterone production experienced a growth of 300% and luteinizing hormone by 160%.

This is another study that proves the benefit of this ingredient in stimulating testosterone production.

As for human studies, there have been a few that have found supporting results.

Study 4:

A 2009 publication in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology discussed DAA’s effects on the production of LH and testosterone in human. 23 men were given a DAA supplement for 12 days plus another 20 men who were given a placebo.

Twenty of the twenty-three men taking DAA had experienced an average boost of 42% in testosterone levels. This benefit also continued after stopping the DAA supplement. Three days after not receiving the supplement there was an average boost of 22% in T-levels (compared to initial values).


DAA Max Benefits:

As you have just seen, there is evidence of the hormone boosting abilities of DAA.

But if you check the official website for this pill, it claims a few other benefits:

Improves Hormone Levels:

The increase in testosterone and the luteinizing hormone is to be expected with this pill. This benefit is most useful for men who have low T-levels due to steroid use or aging.

Higher Energy Levels

This supplement claims to boost the mitochondrial efficiency of your cells. This will help the cells release more energy for your use.

Improved Nitric Oxide Levels

Testosterone is also linked to nitric oxide production. This boost in T-levels can increase nitrogen retention in the body. This increases blood-oxygen levels while improving blood flow to the muscles.

Enhanced Physical Performance

Higher testosterone levels have helped many men experience a boost in physical performance. This is especially so for improved stamina, endurance, and energy levels.

Better Sexual Health

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. So, higher T-levels are going to result in an enhanced libido, better sex, and improved sexual health.

Combats Fatigue And Aids In Recovery

The heightened testosterone levels and improved physical performance have a beneficial effect on fatigue and recovery.

Supports PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

It can also be used to support your PCT after your bodybuilding cycle. It helps to increase the speed of testosterone production for faster hormone recovery.

faster hormone recovery

Daily Dosage For This DAA Supplement:

Each bottle comes with 120 capsules which contain 750 mg of DAA per capsule.

A single serving of this T-booster contains two pills with each bottle being sufficient for 60 servings.

There are two recommended dosages for this product:
  1. One serving per day with a meal for regular use.
  2. Two servings per day (one in the morning and one in the evening) with a meal for PCT support.

Cycling This Test Booster:

There is a concern of building up a tolerance for DAA with this pill.

The official website advises you to cycle this pill for 60 days ‘on’ and 30 days ‘off’.

This should help prevent your body from building a tolerance for DAA and rendering the supplement ineffective.

Pricing And Online Deals For This Pill:

When buying this test booster from the official website, it only charges you USD 19.95 for the product itself.

However, they charge up to USD 24.36 for the shipping and handling for US orders.

That means that the low priced (USD 19.95) product you buy online actually costs you USD 46.21 (inclusive of tax).

That’s not any cheaper than most other testosterone boosters.

There also seem to be no mention of multi-buy deals and other online exclusive deals for this product either.

My Evaluation Of DAA Max:

Unlike other products I have reviewed on, this one is somewhat different.

For one, it has a problem with causing a tolerance buildup with frequent use and needs to be cycled. This is something most other products don’t have to deal with.

The ingredients are also not all-natural, and there is no mention of if they have fillers or binders.

But before I give you my evaluation of this product, here’s what I liked and didn’t like about it:

Here’s What I Like About This Testo Booster:

  • Clinically proven ingredient
  • Effective at boosting testosterone levels
  • A two-month supply with each bottle

Here’s What I Don’t Like About This Testo Booster:

  • Unproven benefits (excluding boost in testosterone)
  • Only a single active ingredient
  • Can cause tolerance buildup
  • Unexpectedly high shipping fee
  • Not as attractive as other similar products

Looking at the lost of pros and cons, it’s clear that there are more disadvantages to this pill.

With so many negatives, I found that this test booster is not the best option for bodybuilding.

Overall, I think that while you can buy this pill for increasing T-levels, there are much better options available elsewhere.


Q: Are there any side effects of this pill?

A: Your body may build a tolerance to this supplement if you use it for more than 60 days.

Q: Can I stack this with another testosterone booster?

A: No. Stacking this with another testosterone boosting product can cause your T-levels to elevate to ‘higher than safe’ levels.

Q: Does this pill work like legal steroids?

A: No. Legal steroids are safe alternatives to anabolic steroids whereas this pill only focuses on boosting testosterone production without other benefits.

Q: Should I get this pill or try another T-booster?

A: I would recommend you avoid buying DAA Max and opt for a well-known and side-effect free testosterone booster.

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