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Legal Steroids FAQs

Legal Steroids are gaining popularity in UK but are still not as well-known as anabolic steroids. Many people have queries regarding this new type of performance enhancing product.

I wrote this article to answer some of the more frequently asked questions regarding legal steroids.

Legal Steroids FAQs


1) What Are Legal Steroids?

Legal steroids are products (often in pill or spray form) that replicate the benefits of anabolic steroids without any of the downsides associated with the anabolic steroids.

2) What Are Legal Steroids Used For?

Most legal steroids are designed with performance enhancement in mind. This includes physical/athletic performance or sexual performance, depending on the chosen product.

3) What Makes Legal Steroids Legal?

As the name suggests, legal steroids are 100% legal. They don’t contain any artificially produced hormones which are banned/controlled substances around the world.

4) Are The Anabolic Steroids Sold At The Gym Or On The Street The Real Deal?

Sometimes (but rarely). Real anabolic steroids are made by big pharma corps but require a prescription. On the other hand, most of the steroids sold illegally are counterfeit products made in underground labs. They aren’t made using safe pharmaceutical practices which can result in a greater risk to your health.

5) Are Legal Steroids Safe To Use By Regular Folks?

Legal steroids make use of natural ingredients which are tested for safety and effectiveness.

6) How Do Legal Steroids Work?

The legal steroid alternatives use natural ingredients including amino acids, herbs, minerals, and other nutrients. They use these components to promote the necessary function (fat loss, appetite suppression, muscle growth, etc.) of the legal steroid in question.

7) Do Legal Steroids Really Work?

Well, according to the tens of thousands of people who buy and use legal steroids to promote physical performance, they do indeed work.

8) How Effective Are Legal Steroids?

Some legal steroids are more effective than others. However, most legal steroids are designed to provide results within a few weeks/months of use. In comparison, it can take just days for anabolic to show results. But anabolic can cause several side effects that are not worth the fast-acting results.

9) How Long Does It Take To See Results From Legal Steroids?

Most legal steroids require you to take a regular dosage for at least two months before promising results. However, this can vary from person-to-person due to other factors including fitness, exercise routine, diet control, and age.

10) Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription When Buying Legal Steroids?

Legal steroids can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

11) Can Legal Steroids Come In Liquid Form?

Some legal steroid brands use the liquid form, but most use a pill form as they are more convenient for most people.

12) Can Women Take Legal Steroids?

Adult men and women can take most legal steroids. But some male-only steroids like those that boost testosterone levels aren’t suited for women.

13) Can Teenagers Use Legal Steroids?

Few legal steroid makers approve teens to use their products. Crazy Bulk is not one of them. That’s why it’s better to consult a doctor for accurate case-to-case advice.

14) Can Legal Steroids Be Addictive For Teenagers?

Legal steroids aren’t designed to be addictive for anyone, regardless of age.

15) Are There Any Legal Steroids That Are Known To Cause Side Effects?

I haven’t come across any legal steroids that have caused side effects.

16) Why Are Legal Steroids Found In Bodybuilding?

You can find legal steroids in bodybuilding because they are effective replacements to anabolic steroids that people used to use before. They also allow you to get faster (and greater) results compared to regular bodybuilding supplements.

17) Do I Need To Cycle, Stack, Or Pyramid My Legal Steroid Use?

You don’t need to cycle, stack, or pyramid your legal steroids because they don’t need to do so for the product to stay effective. You can also use legal steroids in the long-run (6+ months) without any problems.

18) Can I Expect A Boost In Energy Levels With Legal Steroids?

Some legal steroids do promote energy production, especially those that focus on fat burn. Just check the list of benefits for the product in question before you buy.

19) Can Legal Steroids Affect Behavior Like Anabolic Steroids?

Legal steroids are much tamer than anabolic steroids and don’t cause extreme behavioral changes like with anabolic steroids.

20) What Legal Steroids Should I Take To Improve My Burst Strength?

The best legal steroid of 2019 to buy for improving burst strength is Anvarol by Crazy Bulk.

21) What Is The Biggest Misconception Regarding The Use Of Anabolic Steroids?

The biggest misconception about steroids is that they are all bad. In reality, they are medication for specific health issues some people have. It’s their off-script and illegal use that cause the problems we are aware of.

22) What Happens If I Get Caught With Illegal Steroids?

It’s a crime to buy or sell anabolic steroids without a prescription in the UK, US, and most countries.

You can be charged with a felony (including a fine or jail time) if you are caught with the illegal steroids.

23) Where Are The Illegal Anabolic Steroids Made?

Much of the illegal supply sold online come from China. Most countries sell authentic anabolics which require a prescription. But you need to have the associated health problem to get the prescription for these drugs.

24) Is It Possible To Get Addicted To The Use Of Anabolic Steroids?

Yes, if you abuse steroid use, you can get addicted. Anabolic steroids aren’t physically addictive, but they are mentally addictive. They alter your brain chemistry to make you crave their use.

25) Are SARMs As Good As Legal Steroids?

SARMs work faster to promote anabolic results. But there is an elevated risk of causing health problems when used without proper guidance.

26) Will Anabolic Steroids Ever Be Legal?

You can buy anabolic steroids legally. However, you need to have the right prescription to do so. For example, Clenbuterol is a legal steroid for horses. But you and I aren’t going to be able to get a prescription for personal use. So, there is little chance that anabolic will be legal for recreational use.

27) Why Are Steroids Legal In Mexico?

The laws governing anabolic steroids in Mexico are not as tight as they are in the US. This means that there are some anabolics that are legal in the country. However, bringing the steroids back to the UK or using them here may be illegal.

28) Can Illegal Steroid Use Result In Permanent Damage?

There are several side effects of using anabolic steroids off script for performance enhancing. Some of these side effects can end up with fatal results, including stroke and heart attack.

29) What Do I Do If I Have A Steroid Addiction Problem?

Know that you can be free of the steroid addiction with the right help. Its recommend you talk to your doctor, family, or therapist to get the right support. You can also call the Drug Help National Hotline at 800-378-4435 to get some guidance and confidential advice.

30) Do Treatments For Steroid Abuse Work?

There is insufficient research on the effects of treatment for steroid abuse. That said, the supportive therapy they provide can help ease the transition to regular life while dealing with negative emotions, health problems, and withdrawal.

31) What Sports Are Legal Steroids Allowed?

It’s a 100% legal to use legal steroids like Crazy Bulk in professional sports. The drug tests done by the officials are looking for anabolic steroids and artificial hormones that legal steroids don’t contain.

32) Does GNC Sell Legal Steroids?

GNC has bodybuilding and performance boosting supplements but no legal steroids.

33) Which Countries Have Legal Steroids?

You can buy legal steroids in stores and online with most sellers (like Crazy Bulk) providing worldwide shipping.

34) What Are The Best Legal Steroids?

The 5 Best Legal Steroids are:

  • Clenbutrol – To get a shredded body.
  • D-Bal – To gain muscle mass.
  • Testo-Max – To boost testosterone levels.
  • Gynectrol – To lose fats and man boobs.
  • Winsol – For Speed & Endurance.

You can read the full list of Crazy Bulk products (with their individual descriptions) to get a better look at one of the best legal steroid brands in the market.

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